an initiative using human and artificial intelligence to track development, security, and diplomatic activities around the world

Data-Driven Policy Tracking

Welcome to SCOPE, a 21st-century approach to the Scientific Collection of Open-source Policy Evidence on international development, security, and diplomatic activities around the world. SCOPE aims to identify and provide up-to-date analysis on policy-relevant issues, from China's Belt Road Initiative in Latin America to Russia's grey-zone tactics in Africa. SCOPE specializes at the intersection of text and location-based data, leveraging technologies including natural language processing, GIS, and machine learning. Utilizing a collection of interchangeable modularized human and AI-based workflows, SCOPE is capable of a variety of projects and topics.

Like a microscope, we uncover activities and patterns which are otherwise difficult to see. Like a telescope, we visualize far but emergent trends approaching the policy community. And like a stethoscope, we listen to the pulse of the policy community and what these activities might mean for the future.

The SCOPE initiative, datasets, and related reports have been produced and maintained by William & Mary's geoLab since 2019. All data are available to view or download; the only requirement for use is acknowledgement.